Casio AG-120 Super Digital Battle

Casio AG-120 Super Digital Battle

I’ve been looking for this one for a while or, more accurately, this is one of those I have been looking for for a while.

Game calculators appear in the most unlikely of places and the most unlikely of times. For a while there were none of this style appearing on ebay at all, then there was a flurry of the AG-110 Digiris calcs, NOS. Then it happened with the Roulette (AG-100) calcs. After that we were back to a dearth of anything interesting until this one appeared.

Still the only AG-120 I’ve seen (other than those at I was pleased to pick this up for a very reasonable 10 Euros, including box and manual.

Surprisingly, the non-calculator version of this game seems to appear regularly on ebay and I bought one from there a couple of years ago. While it’s fun to play, I think it is always better when it’s included as part of a calculator than a standalone because of the extra effort that has to go into design and programming given the screen and memory restrictions.

This is one of four Palmamuse calculator games and, interestingly, a search of the word Palmamuse points to a patent attorney website where it seems Casio had the name trademarked as recently as 2004 – so perhaps the chances of seeing new game calculators in the future isn’t as unlikely as once believed!

We live in hope.

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  1. I just found my ag-120 in my store room. I think it’s been 20++years since then. Still in good working condition

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