Casio BB-10 baseball calculator

Casio BB-10 baseball calculator

The differences between Casio’s BB-10 and BB-101 are about the same as between the BG-15 and BG-15T calculators — very little other than the graphics on the case.

Well, mostly. There are some other differences between these baseball calculators, in particular where the clock is located on the LCD — the BB-10 has it at the top, leaving the rest of the screen for quality baseball action, while the BB-101 puts the clock right in the middle of the screen.

The batting is done in a different place as well. On the BB-10 it’s at top right; while the BB-101 has you batting at the bottom of the screen.

The graphics are definitely larger on the BB-101 so maybe it was designed to appeal to a younger audience, if the BB-10 wasn’t quite pulling its weight in sales.

In effect, though, it’s the same game. And based on the original, and smaller-screen version — the BB-9.

It’s not easy to find (and it’s getting harder) you might see a BB-10 appear on eBay about once every couple of years. They usually get snapped up for a good price too (ie good for the seller).

Interestingly, there was no BB-8 calculator (small, slim) like the BG-8 boxing variant, although the boxing calculator only had one model that looked like the BB-10 (the BG-20) and given what I’ve noted Casio used to do with cases of calculators (and maybe games) that there was an abundance of spare cases for, they were probably repurposed!

So there’s every chance that your MG-200, BG-20, BB-10, BB-101 or maybe even the KG-100 and SG-11 are just rebadged from another model since their case construction is essentially the same.

Just like the BG-20, the BB-10 is a better game experience than their small-screen calculator equivalents, getting more graphics for your buck. The rule set for baseball, particularly, is quite deep so it’s worth trying to find the manual should you ever come across one of these games for sale.

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