Casio MG-333

Casio MG-333

This is the little brother of the MG-888 three-game calculator and is the ideal size for a business shirt pocket.

It’s a landscape layout calculator, compared to the portrait MG-888 and while similarly-sized to the MG-770, it doesn’t have soft-touch keys, although they are smaller and more flush than the larger calculators.

Functionality is identical to the MG-888, with the games Interval Attack, Shift Puzzle and Lucky Dice.

The games are very playable and while they don’t quite have the addictive qualities of the MG-880, it’s a bit of a surprise this calculator wasn’t more popular in its day, or even now.

The MG-333 is quite rare, only appearing on eBay one or twice a year at most, while the MG-888 is more common yet never commands very high prices. I never saw the MG-333 in the 1980s and, while I saw a few MG-888s, they never seemed to have the manual handy so perhaps it was just that the games were harder to work out so killed its popularity a bit.

This particular calculator came from a seller in Romania and inside the case was a post-it with Hello from Transylvania, which was kind of unique.

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  1. I saved up for ages and bought one of these in 1984/85. I played Interval Attack *WAY* too much!! Sadly I accidentally broke the screen and haven’t seen one of these calculators since.

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