Casio MG-775

Casio MG-775

The MG-775 plays the ‘Game-II’ or ‘8-Attack’ game and is the smaller brother of the MG-885.

It is smaller in dimension (not a whole lot bigger than a credit card) and the keys are more touch sensitive – more of a ladies calculator perhaps?

Also, this is the only Casio game calculator to feature totally unique graphics – that starfield on a blue background is not repeated, or even attempted, on any other Casio game calcs.

Gameplay is identical to the MG-885. You have a series of 8’s that move from one side of the screen to the other, each missing either their top, middle, or bottom segment. You must hit the corresponding key to complete the 8 at which point it changes direction.

You must complete an 8 on each of the 1-8 spaces on the screen in order for the game to progress to the next level.

Sounds relatively simple, but it gets devilishly difficult as the game progresses. Soon the 8’s start alternating their missing segment as they are moving, and worse!

Similar in rarity to the MG-885, this calculator is highly sought-after, but is sometimes available in numbers in NOS condition from some Asian ebayers.

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5 Responses to Casio MG-775

  1. Hi there
    Just wondering about rarity of this calculator.
    Thinking I might have one in my old bedroom somewhere.

    • I’ve only got one of these at the moment, so it isn’t for sale. When I find another, I’ll let you know. In the meantime take the kids to an arcade with pinball – that’ll get them off the fortnite!

    • Best place to see current market value is to search expired listings on eBay; generally (depending on condition) a MG-775 would sell for between USD40-90.

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