Nintendo Egg

Nintendo Egg

The Nintendo Egg (EG-26) is the most sought-after of the Widescreen series of Game & Watches and probably only behind the feted YM-901 and late crystal screen games in terms of rarity.

Funny thing is, the ‘other’ version of Egg – Mickey Mouse (MM-25) – should carry more kudos, featuring the famous Disney mouse as it does, but because more than 1,000,000 of them were produced (compared to Egg’s limited production run of 250,000 to Australia only) they are far more common and cheaper as a result.

The Widescreen series of Game & Watches appeared between June 1981 (Parachute) and April 1982 (Snoopy Tennis). Egg was released on 16 October 1981.

Why only in Australia? I don’t know, and a friend tells me he remembers Egg being sold in South Africa around that time too so it’s anyone’s guess. The most likely possibility is due to some licensing issues Nintendo may have had with Disney in these countries and guessing how popular this four-button game was going to become they made a special edition. Obviously it’s far more profitable to produce an alternative LCD while keeping everything else the same than risk missing out on the lucrative Southern Hemisphere market.

Like all Game & Watches gameplay is straightforward but consistently challenging. Use the four buttons to position the wolf near one of the egg chutes to stop the eggs falling on the ground — all well and good until you get two eggs on two chutes coming down at the same time! You could stretch out a game from the usual three misses to six if your timing was good (or lucky) as every miss that occurred when the chicken appeared at the top of the screen only counted as a half.

Fun game, and valuable too — you’d be lucky to find Egg for under US$100 and a boxed one in good condition could easily go for US$400+. Unless you’re a collector, look for Mickey Mouse instead 🙂

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