Alba Y755-4000 Donald & his nephews

Alba Y755-4000 Donald & his nephews

Alba watches are great fun — and bang-for-buck, you can’t go past the Y755 series of watches.

It tells the time and data, plus it’s got a (long) melody alarm built in as well.

AND…it’s got a simple, but frustratingly-challenging game too!

Just like the other Y755 watches I’ve written about, this is the same, reaction-test game.

You, as Donald Duck, are flipping pancakes to one of your nephews (I think it’s Dewey) and, if you time it right you get a success sound and it starts again. You have to successfully flip 15 pancakes and while the first eight are reasonably slow and easy to get into a rhythm with, the other seven are much faster and pretty much guarantee you won’t win every time.

The pancake theme extends to the date, with the day marker along the top being pancakes.

Originally on sale for ¥7800 (not cheap – today ¥7800 is the equivalent of USD78 so would have been worth even more then and this was a child’s watch) the Y755 can still be found, second-hand but in reasonable condition, reasonably often; although it’s usually the Mickey and Minnie version you’ll see.

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