Aldo Plane & Tank Battle

Aldo Plane & Tank Battle

This Aldo Game & Watch is an almost identical clone of the Nelsonic Tanks & Planes Battle watch and started life as a handheld LCD game branded with Horec, Ectron and others (Europe) and Radio Shack (US).

The LCD on the Aldo isn’t quite as detailed as the Nelsonic (it may be smaller; I don’t have the Nelsonic to compare it to) but is functionally identical.

Three planes swoop over the terrain, dropping bombs which the player (as a tank) must avoid as they work their way to safety on the right. The exit on the right is only open periodically and the player can only hide in the safe area on the far left for a few seconds before being cast out.

There are two levels of play – Pro1 and Pro2 (no amateurs here) with Pro2 being significantly faster.

There’s a (non-melody) alarm, and time is displayed in 12 or 24 hour time (press the left button in time mode for a few seconds to switch between 12/24). There’s also an hourly chime, but no day or date function.

It’s a fun game that can get a bit frenetic as the sound increases in speed as the score climbs. At 200 and 500 points a bonus life is awarded.


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  1. I had two when I was children. I would love to find another one. If aware about one available please let me know.

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