Casio CA-901 calculator game watch

Casio CA-901 calculator game watch

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about the CA-901; it is (I think) my favourite Casio of all time.

It’s got everything…

  • time (12/24)
  • date (although you do have to fudge it from the year 2000 onward)
  • alarm (with 10 different buzzer pitch tones, amazing!)
  • stopwatch
  • dual-time
  • 8-digit calculator
  • GAME!

Totally feature-packed, consider it was 1980 and memory was expensive back then.

The game was obviously the best part – we had been introduced to it at school via the MG-880 calculator but to be able to carry it around on your wrist would have been the ultimate status symbol.

Unfortunately my parents (and, for that matter, all the parents of my friends) thought that NZ$100+ was way to much to spend on a watch for an 11-year-old; and they were probably right.

Didn’t stop me coveting that watch though – there were plenty of other models with the [134] module in them…the CA-90, CA-85, CA-851 and CA-86 but the CA-901 seemed to have the best combination of looks and style.

So fast-forward 20 years when I discovered eBay and all the missing watches of my childhood, and the CA-901 was one of the first I grabbed.

Since then many have come and gone but I always keep one in the collection, it’s the kind of watch you regret selling as soon as its gone and you immediately start looking for another one.

Casio seemed to get the balance right on this one too — it’s a big watch but doesn’t feel too large or clunky on your wrist. Using the calculator is simple with the fingertips (I curse people who use sharp pointy things on the keys as they invariably get scratched and spoil the look of the keypad).

The game is fun and even more of a challenge than on the full-size calculator, despite being able to use banks of keys rather than single keys to control the movement.

A true classic, and becoming more popular by the day; even beat-up examples sell for US$150+ and mint ones for much more than that. If you are going to have just one Casio calculator watch, the CA-901 should definitely be it!

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  1. The way I did it, set date to 31 Dec 1999, at 23:59.
    Wait for it to click over midnight to 1 Jan 2000.
    Change date again to 31 Dec at 23:59 (year is retained at 2000)
    Click over to 2001, repeat… etc!!

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