Casio DB-1000

Casio DB-1000

It comes as no surprise that Casio unveiled their flagship superwatch the DB-1000 in 1985 – the same year Back to the Future was released; they obviously had their own flying Delorean to bring back some future technology and present it years before its time!

Conspiracy theorists would note that the watch was only sold for three months – perhaps the company realised there was no way this kind of functionality should have been able to exist in the mid-80s and pulled it from production.

Those more cynical might suggest the watch was only sold for three months because the technology didn’t catch on and it was an expensive price to pay for what was really a gimmick.

That said, the DB-1000 surely has to rate among the best watches of the decade.

It has a 50-name databank, eight-digit calculator, five alarms including being able to set them for individual days, chronograph and the usual day/date functions.

Most impressive of all is how you get the data in, and perform the calculations.

The watch has a touchscreen but it doesn’t just show the numbers/letters for you to touch. Instead you draw the characters on the screen (including mathematical functions) with a fingertip – kind of like an early version of the Palm.

It would be great to find a watch that would do that today – in 1985 it should have been impossible, but Casio made it happen.

Ultimately rare, and usually found with LCD bleed or a degree of staining in blue on the LCD which detracts from its look, but not its functionality.

Expect to pay dearly for this watch…assuming you ever see one for sale! Collectors tend to guard them obsessively 🙂

NB – Casio has conflicting dates for this watch. According to their flagship products web page, the DB-1000 appeared in August 1984. Conversely, their document outlining sales dates, prices etc states it began selling on 1 January 1985.

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  1. Is there any chance that you have a copy of the manual (electronic or paper)? Your DB-1000 is in better shape than mine. Do you still have it? Interested in an AT-500 / 550 to toss into sell/swap deal? I have an extra.

    • I think I have the manual scanned so will hunt it out for you. The DB-1000 pictured is for sale, with original box and original manual for USD1200.

    • Hi there, the one in the photos on this post is still for sale, price USD1200. It’s pricey but is the best condition of any DB-1000 I’ve ever seen and comes with the original box and manual.

  2. IMHO the db 1000 is cooler than the dbx, because it doesn’t give a hint of it’s nerdiness by showing a keypad or anything, no one would guess it has a calculator and a databank. And the input method looks like magic, no need to hit the same tiny button half a dozen times to input the desired character.

    Is the watch still available? I’m interested, but not during winter. I had a db 1000 shipped during winter, and the display did not survive. Anyway, you could still contact me, and maybe we can have it shipped in spring.

    • I agree, the DBX had a lot of features but was a much bulkier watch, and with the extra numbers and letters printed onto the LCD just looked a bit busy. And the material used for the keypads was a tragic mistake. In 10 years I don’t think I’ve seen a single DBX in the flesh with a usable keypad. I’m in no hurry to get rid of the DB-1000 since it’s the best example of this rare classic I’ve ever seen/owned, but maybe by spring will have other projects on the go and need the money 😉

      • Hello there,

        sorry for bothering you.

        Any Casio DB-1000 available for sale?

        I was wondering as well if you have any Casio WS-720 or Casio AE-80?

        Thanks in advance,

  3. Hello there,

    sorry for bothering you.

    Any Casio DB-1000 available for sale?

    I was wondering as well if you have any Casio WS-720 or Casio AE-80?

    Thanks in advance,

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