Casio DW-5200 Hero G-Shock

Casio DW-5200 Hero G-Shock

This is the DW-5200C-1 — the Hero G-Shock.

G-Shock fans will know this as the G that saved the whole range, after lacklustre sales of the DW-5000 and WW-5100. G-Shocks may have ceased to exist at this point, but along came the DW-5200 to save the game…or, more accurately, a clever television commercial that finally sold the vital US market on the quality of the G-Shock range.

To sell the indestructibility of the watch, Casio had a hockey player hit the watch into a goalie’s glove and show it still working, and intact.

It seemed to work; G-Shocks have been made ever since and a variation on the original style, the 5600, is still in production.

The only downside is the lack of availability of bands and bezels. Until a few years ago the bezel for the 5600C was still being made which fit the other early Gs (5000, 5100, 5200) but now they are out of production so while an after-market replica is available, it isn’t an exact match.

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14 Responses to Casio DW-5200 Hero G-Shock

  1. Hello Sir, How much do you want for your Casio DW5200 ? is it in good conditions ?

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Regards ALS

  2. Good for you, brilliant watches. I bought one on the way to a Chelsea v Watford football match in a small jewellers in Chelsea in 1984. A surfer had told me they were coming out, so I saved up and got one of the first in the UK. The battery lasted 10 years, I wore it in all conditions, out in the first Gulf war and everything, when strap split, I put it away and this article of yours sparked my interest again. I went up into the attic, found it, but not sooner had I found it, I managed to snap a piece off the bezel……grrrr. I’d love to find a supplier, then I could get it up and running again. So jealous of you, you’ve done a great job of refurbishing yours:-)

    • Thanks for your comments – original bezels (when you can find them) sell for more than the cost of the watch now – USD150+ just for the bezel is pretty extreme! Fortunately there are close copies available from Brazil. Search on eBay for a seller called 🙂

  3. Don’t sell it my friend, it’s an investment. the only issue you may have will be the inevitable perishing of the strap, as I have found by simply checking on my CA-86, replacements are not the same, I have found a suitable replica but It is not the same. basic rule, if it was made in the 70s/80/s and you can find one mint, treat it like a historical piece of paper as one wrong touch and its a gonna.



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  5. I have 2 of the older models. One is the 5600-691 and the other is a 5700- 901. Both of them I used for racing catamarans. They have been sitting for years. I am working on changing the batteries now. I bought a tool to unscrew the stainless back on both watches which I have done successfully. The retainer for the battery is the next step. I want to make sure I know how to release it before I attempt. The 5600 has a yellow bezel and band. The band is missing the keeper otherwise in great shape. The 5700 is complete. I still race my boat once a year so I will putting them back to work next year. I also teach swimming so I spend a lot of time in the water. They are great watches and it has taken me this long to get around to replace the batteries because I couldn’t find anyone that had the right tools.

  6. Greetings,
    I’ve replaced the battery in my DW5200 and noticed that the inside liquid crystal is now tilted relative to the outside crystal. Any solutions?

    Please and thank you.

    • Yep, the module has been moved (or put back in crooked) after the battery was replaced. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes, since the rubber gasket that sits between the module and caseback can move the module a bit when the caseback is tightened. Put the module in and check from the front that it’s straight before starting to screw the caseback on. Can be frustrating, but you’ll get there in the end!

  7. hello
    Would you know where I can buy spare parts (bezel and bands) for my casio g shock DW 5200-240 ?
    I’m living in france and Casio are run out of stock on those spare parts

    many many thanks in advance for your help

    This watch is so important for me

    best regards


    • Hi – you can pick up aftermarket bezels on eBay most of the time, usually from sellers in Brazil. Shipping is slow but they are reliable and the bezel is a pretty good replacement – the only telltale difference from the original is the G SHOCK letters are a little thinner, but the last one I bought was some time ago, so they may have corrected this. Contact eBay seller if you can’t find one.

      If you’re desperate for a totally original bezel, they will cost hundreds of dollars (and that’s if you can find them) so you have to weigh up how original you want it to be. My DW-5200 has an aftermarket bezel and I’m happy with it, and my DW-5000 has an original bezel, you can see there isn’t a huge amount of difference.

      NOS bands are available on eBay quite regularly, if you don’t see one today there’s bound to be one in the next few weeks, and are usually somewhere around USD30. Good luck!

  8. I’m looking for a replacement strap for my G-Shock 2800B. Discontinued long ago, and I don’t think there is another strap which is compatible.

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