Casio Game 401

Casio Game 401

Casio was always breaking new ground in their LCD watches in the 1980s rather than staying with a safe proven formula, and so it was with the Game 401.

While most game watches either relied on shooting aliens, racing cars, playing sports or copying an arcade game, the Pyramid Game of the 401 was totally unique.

The game was played in two stages, firstly you had to guide your line of four men in order to capture triangles being dropped from above and arrange them in pyramid formation.

The second part of the game sees you press a button to delete flashing sections of the pyramid but timing is everything in order to get the most points.

This module was also found in the resin case of the Game 40 but in no other form of Casio’s game collections, either handhelds or calculators.

Great fun to play, and typically rare, the Game 401 does not feature on eBay often so is worth buying if you ever see one.

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15 Responses to Casio Game 401

  1. Hello, still have this game Casio GM-401 to your collection? Have a GM-40 also in the collection? As can avail of these in excellent condition, with original box, tags and manual, condition Mint or NOS?

  2. Hey I am a game watch collector and wanted to offer you $2000US for either the Sexxum game watch or the Casio Gm-40. If you sold me both I would give you $4000US . I see the Nelsonic Grand Prix game watch I would buy at your full asking price as well. I know you’ve listed those watches as not for sale but if you have them, either or both, I am prepared to offer you this final offer price. Please send me additional photos or links to other rare game watches you have, I will purchase multiple watches, thanks!


    • Hi, I don’t know if you’re genuine or a scammer but whatever the case you really need to lower your bids. These watches are rare, but not $2K each rare, and only the very greedy would even consider such an offer with any degree of seriousness. Having said that, if anyone wants to part with a GM-40 or Sexum for $2K each I’ll pass on the potential buyer’s details. Caveat Emptor of course 😉

      • I’m replying 4 and 1/2 years later to tell you that there are really greedy people out there. I’m in Brazil and there’s a site similar to eBay here, where some guy is selling a GM-40 in pristine condition for R$ 21,999.99 which by today’s conversion rate amounts to US$ 5,816 or so. Go figure.

        • I think I’ve seen that ad; probably the same person trying to sell GM-40/401 on eBay for USD5000+. There’s a big difference between asking for 5000 and actually getting it though 🙂

          • You know what would be great? If Casio started to again produce such game watches, even in limited quantity, to satisfy public demand for vintage items. Do you believe that’s a real possibility? They could make quite a lot of money. If I had the cash, I’d order at least 5,000 watches of the most rare game models just to resell at US$ 300 – 500. That would make some greedy bastards scream in horror LOL

  3. I had this watch in 1985. I was 11 and so many people wanted to play it at school. I ended up using the line ‘no sorry you can’t because the batteries are running low’. Sadly the buttons stopped working after many games and I threw it away!!!!!!!!!! I think it was black with a black plastic strap.

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