Casio MM-400 multi alarm

Casio MM-400 multi alarm

I don’t know why it’s so hard to find a MM-400, or why they cost so much, but they are – and they do!

This watch is a hybrid of two , one with a good LCD but slightly dodgy module that was in a pretty banged-up case when it arrived, and the other with a bleeding LCD in a nice case with original and rare B-781N band.

The watch has a lot going for it; it looks good, has a pretty unique case, one-of-a-kind module, and some great melodies without the musical notes on the display that usually indicate musical alarms.

The melodies are quite unusual for LCD watches too – The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) from The Sting, Symphony No. 40 (WA Mozart), Toccata (Gaston Rolland) and the Beer Barrel Polka (Jaromir Vejvoda). Plus the Westminster Chime (Ernst Toch) at midday if you have the hourly time signal enabled.

The bonus is when you start the stopwatch/chronograph, when you are greeted with the William Tell Overture (Giachino Rossini) – pretty cool way to start a race!

Melodies aside, the alarms themselves are unique. The first of two daily alarms (the Snooze) plays the melody at the allotted time, then plays chimes at five and ten minutes after that time like a snooze function.

The other daily alarm works in the opposite way. The melody plays at the allotted time, but you receive a five and ten minute warning before the alarm sounds (pre-alarm).

Then there’s a weekly alarm, and a monthly one.

Since I had one with a bad LCD and another with a bad module I’m guessing they were made in limited numbers and had these flaws were common. Which is probably why finding one in good condition fully working is so rare. Plus the black bezel is prone to chipping and scratching (owners of the GM-30 and GM-40 or the AX-1 and AX-5 will know this well).

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  1. I have a brand new one complete with box hand tag, but the instructions look printed off is not in usual booklet form. I have had it for a couple years now.

    • Prices vary – there was one on eBay recently that didn’t sell despite the reserve only being $30 or $40. I’ve also seen them sell for $400+. It depends on demand and, mostly, condition. The LCDs are prone to bleeding so one with a perfect LCD, unscratched PVD coating, and fully working should sell for at least $200.

  2. This is a wartch with a lot of alarm options. Some CASIO watches have 5 alams and you can set it monthly our weekly like here. But: does anybody knows an old LCD watch which has alarms on the base of the day of the week? For example I want to have an alarm 5:45 a.m on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:20 a.m on Tuesday and Thursday and no alarm on the weekend. I´m wondering why I didn´t found something like this until now.

  3. Este fue mi regalo de navidad mi primer reloj formal…lo disfrute muchísimo y me trae bellos recuerdos de mi infancia lo recomiendo ampliamente es un bello y funcional reloj.. adelantado a su época…

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