Citizen 8950

Citizen 8950

Citizen’s feature-packed analog-digital 8950 is probably the model that has the most varieties (much like Seiko’s H357 or Casio’s AQ-230 ranges – designed at a time when a analog-digital hybrid watch was the way of the future).

And there is plenty to like about this too – you get the time in 12/24 format, day/date/month, two daily alarms, an hourly chime, chronograph, countdown timer and a backlight!

Setting the digital section is mostly carried out by turning the crown in setting mode, which can be a bit fraught with these watches if contacts start getting dirty or misaligned.

When it’s working well, though, it’s great – the watch has a reasonably small form factor and is comfortable to wear (some versions, like the sports models, are a bit bigger).

The best part about a watch with many different case and bracelet options is that you will be able to find one that resonates particularly with your own taste and even if it isn’t running (or is pretty much unrepairable) you will be able to swap out the parts from a less-desirable looking version to make your preferred watch run again.

I have several of these but this is one of my favourite designs. It can work as a dress or casual watch and has a great looking dial and hands.

Possible the only downside with this watch, when it comes to repair, is how the alarm works. It has an unusual custom spring design that touches several contacts along with the piezo and can easily ping off when the caseback is opened never to be seen again. You can bodge a replacement but it can be fiddly and a better designed (or non-removable) spring would have been better. It’s a small criticism, though, of a great watch!

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