Citizen 8984 Ana-Digi-Temp

Citizen 8984 Ana-Digi-Temp

Just like the Citizen 8988 here, the 8984 is the same but different ana-digi-temp watch.

All the functions are there, 12/24 hour time, °C and °F, alarm and hourly chime, dual time and local temperature, 1/1000 chronograph but it’s different.

The colours are different (which isn’t unexpected) but the digital layout is also quite unique – the functions are laid out side-by-side, with the information panel above them.

Even the analog section has different (shorter and thicker) hands, so the overall look is unique while staying the same underneath.

Citizen had a range of hand styles, dial colours, and case and inner bezel variations so you could pretty much choose the watch you wanted which would be different from your workmate who had the same model.

I’m not a big fan of gold watches, and especially when the plating wears, which is what had happened to this particular watch.

Converting the bracelet to a two-tone version was quite straightforward with a bench polisher which was able to remove the plating from the surface links, while not touching the inner links It’s not quite so ‘gold’ this way and (IMHO) looks better this way.

The interchangeability of parts between the watches means you could also build your own custom version with your choice of hands, dials, inner bezel, case and bracelet — and there are enough broken/parts varieties to choose from (the LCDs are susceptible to breaking and leaking batteries can damage the circuitboard irreparably as well.

If you can find a working one, you’ll find it becomes your favourite very quickly!

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