Citizen P-110 World Time

Citizen P-110 World Time

This is one of only a few Citizen watches you’ll find on this site; I’ve nothing against them, but have never found them in the same quantities as Casio/Seiko watches, and they seem to be a lot harder to coax back to life than other watches if you find a non-working one.

This particular P-110, though, I couldn’t pass up. It’s in NOS condition, complete with tags (although no box or manual) and is a really nice example of the model.

It’s rare too. Googling for Citizen’s P-110, you’ll find several but none that look like this — with the world time outer ring.

Rather than having a dual-time setting, like a lot of digital watches from the same era do, this one uses the outer ring for you to be able to find the time anywhere. As long as you know where your time zone fits in relation to GMT.

In NZ, we’re 13 hours ahead of GMT (daylight saving) so turning the ring so Auckland points to 13, lines up the other world cities with their respective times.

The other interesting thing about this watch is how the date is placed at the bottom and the time at the top — a switch in priorities compared with nearly all other digital watches.

It has a daily alarm (and hourly chime) with quite a unique sound, stopwatch and countdown timer. You can also choose between 12 and 24 hour time.

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