Curtis Space Invaders game watch

Curtis Space Invaders game watch

Some game watches (in particular the Nelsonic Space Attacker) are seen in various guises, cases and manufacturer names, but the Curtis Space Invader is quite unique.

Not only does it do a reasonable job in reproducing the invader graphics from the video game (if not the gameplay) but Curtis is also the only manufacturer to distribute this module.

I’ve only ever seen it in gold and only ever for sale in any numbers by one eBayer.

Gameplay is pretty simple in a kind of anticipate-shoot-move-shoot-move-anticipate-move-shoot way but scores extra points for having a Game 1/2 mode, and also being able to pause the game and come back to it. This is fortunate since there is no way to exit the game until it has finished, since the mode button doubles as the move button in game mode.

It’s one of the few gold watches in my collection and, while it may blend in a little better if it was silver, it’s a unique looking timepiece that welcomes attention.

Rarity is high, but keep checking eBay and you might get lucky!

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5 Responses to Curtis Space Invaders game watch

  1. These Curtis Space Invader watches DID exist in silver. I know, I owned one back in the very early 80’s. I remember that Curtis watch quite fondly, it was my first video game device! (not counting my Radio Shack Pocket Repeat, or Mattel Electronics Baseball).

    Sadly mine was destroyed. It’s one of the few electronics from my youth I don’t still have. 🙁

    • If you create a saved search on eBay now, sometime around when you graduate university, get married, have your first child, or retire – one might just appear for sale! They’re incredibly rare.

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