Omni ‘Rock Around The Clock’ Beatles melody watch

Omni ‘Rock Around The Clock’ Beatles melody watch

Melody watches are cool – and Beatles melody watches are even cooler.

But this, the Omni Rock Around The Clock Beatles melody watch is the best of the lot.

Mostly because of all the front-button Beatles melody watches you are ever likely to find, pretty much all of them will have Hey Jude and Yesterday as the programmed melodies.

This one is different, though, because it offers Hold Your Hand and All My Loving as the provided melodies.

Waltham, Ingersoll, Trafalgar, Zeon and others made the Beatles melody watch, but this Omni is the only one I’ve seen with this song combination.

You can play the songs by pressing either button on the front of the case; alternatively when you set the alarm you can choose which one to play. You can also demo the songs by pressing both side buttons on the right then pressing either front button once to hear the whole song(s).

There’s a stopwatch, too, and date function with backlight — everything you ever wanted in a watch in the early 1980s. There may be an hourly chime but I haven’t worked out how to set it.

This watch arrived non-working and stayed non-working for a long time (more than a year) before I finally gave it more than a cursory clean to see what the problem may have been.

If a watch is getting power but doesn’t run at all, it can often be the 32,768mhz crystal oscillator that has given up. Testing this one, though, and it was OK.

Next was checking the capacitors and reflowing solder to all the components on the board. One cap was all over the place value-wise, so swapped it for a new one, and the watch came to life.

One of the front buttons was a bit flaky for playing the song, but a further clean of old oxidation and it was back to 100%. A great watch, rare, slim on the wrist, and the Fab Four too!

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8 Responses to Omni ‘Rock Around The Clock’ Beatles melody watch

  1. I’ve had one non-working since I was a child. I’d love to hear it work some day. I’m 39 years old so it’s been non-working for at least 30years.

  2. I have hundreds and in various styles of OMNI Sundial Rockabilly and more vintage melody watches all in great condition but most non working due to battery leakage regards FC .

    • Awesome – I always hope screeds of old watches are lurking in people’s attics and basements, and not in landfill where they might have otherwise ended up. Send me a pic or 3 of the watches via the contact page – Thanks!

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