Piratron 9 Melody FX

Piratron 9 Melody FX

Piratron made some of the quirkiest watches of the golden era of LCD.

Among them have been a variant of the Seiko A239 World Time watch, a translator watch, even a slot machine game watch.

It stands to reason, then, that Piratron would have made a melody watch; and they did – several of them. Most were a basic module with a single melody, the kind replicated and rebadged with any number of manufacturer brands but essentially all the same.

This one, though, is very different.

While it’s not quite as cool as the Odyssey programmable melody watch, it does pack in nine unique melodies into a single watch (a reasonable facsimile of the Casio melody watches of the time, using the 82 module).

There is a different melody for each day of the week, a Happy Birthday melody which can be set to a day/month, and a Jingle Bells Christmas melody which can be set to trigger on 25 December.

While the functionality is similar to the Casio 82, the melodies are quite different.

I’ve been able to pick Oh When the Saints (and of course, the birthday and Christmas tunes) but that’s about it.

If you want to have a crack, I’ll be posting the melodies below soon — let me know if you can identify them.

And keep an eye out for this watch, it’s very cool (even an hourly chime function too) and you do not see these every day!

The module exists in one other watch I’ve seen, the Trafalgar Multi Melodies Alarm watch so may be lurking inside some other 80s branded LCD watches, but you will have to look hard to find one 😉

elytronUPDATE: Found another version – the Elytron watch in gold. Interestingly, the caseback is branded Piratron and the module is obviously the same.



UPDATE 2: And another version (this was a *really* popular watch for companies to put their branding on) – the Greiner.

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  1. This module was originally sourced from TIMEX, their attempt to combat the mighty guitar multi melody 82 (and its other facia variants) as you correctly identified.

    Best regards


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