Pulsar V041

Pulsar V041

If you’ve ever seen a Pulsar analog/digital watch, there’s a good chance it’s a V041 — this was a popular movement and is in plenty of Pulsar, Alba (and a few Seiko) watches of the late 1980s.

Other than the analog display, the watch also features 12/24 hour digital time, day/date/month calendar, daily alarm, hourly chime, and stopwatch – so pretty much all the required functions.

Since the movement was so popular, it is in a lot of different cases and this is one of my favourites. It was originally a 100m water resist watch (but these days is probably only splashproof) with luminous hands and indices. The best bit is the red bezel around the crystal. These are almost always black so a different colour is a real rarity. In this case the second hand and graphics are red/orange so it sets them off nicely. It’s only a small thing, but really adds to the look of the watch and separates it from the other V041s.

This one had working digital but intermittent analog when I got it. The plus side to the movement being popular is that finding a replacement isn’t difficult. The downside is, this module isn’t really repairable. The technical manual for this says “Movement parts are fixed by heat treatment. If the movement is found to be out of order, therefore, replace the whole movement with a new one.”

With its new movement installed, and dial, hands etc swapped over, it’s ready to roll for another 30+ years!

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