Qualitron / Compuchron /Multichron calculator watch

Qualitron / Compuchron /Multichron calculator watch

Announcing an amazing electronic breakthrough — a watch so unbelievable, so incredible, so revolutionary that it goes beyond time!

Released in the early 1980s, this watch had one of the best tv commercials ever — check it out:

A 20-function watch is pretty impressive (21 functions if you believe the ad) but really it’s just a lot of marketing to squeeze as much as they could out of a pretty cheap watch.


It’s a good, basic watch though — I had the Compuchron version myself in 1981 in a metal case.

It was everything an 11-year-old boy could want in a watch — 12/24 hour time, date, 8-digit calculator, stopwatch, daily (and weekly) alarm, hourly chime AND a backlight.

I don’t know if mine lasted a year, probably not much more than that; but I loved it to bits. Calculator watches that parents would buy for their kids were a bit thin on the ground in NZ in the 1980s, and if they sold the Multichron for USD20 in America, that was probably closer to NZD40 which was a lot for a birthday present.

There’s plenty of other calculator watches of the era (I recently picked up a joblot with 12 different ones in it) but this one will always bring back plenty of memories for me (I think it’s the square buttons).

If you ever find one, you probably won’t see the charm of it, but if you ever owned one, you definitely will!

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