Remex analog-digital (Chicago Bears) watch

Remex analog-digital (Chicago Bears) watch

This watch is cool on so many levels (mostly collector levels, but it’s a great-looking watch as well).

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan there’s the obvious team tie-in, and I’ve never seen another of these with a different team, but have seen a variety of Chicago Bears watches so they must have been big into the merchandising in the 1980s.

Secondly it’s an analog-digital watch, with the digital functions the same as the Tissot TSX series of watches (also seen in Buler, Cosmotron and others).

And thirdly, the analog isn’t set with a conventional crown and stem (like the Armitron or H127) but by pressing a button on the side which sends the analog hands spinning around.

You don’t see these often, if ever. The circuitboard is branded Interglobal with the production number 015S (nothing on Google about this) while the analog is a separate self-contained unit labeled ‘seven jewels unadjusted’ – sometimes with Remex stamped on it too.

The other one of these I have is a Remex, that also includes a solar panel, but it came without a case, and the Bears case is too small for it (I think the Remex was in a metal case originally).

So a rare beast, and the analog section is prone to dying if there has been some battery leakage. It doesn’t come apart easily, and all its internals are tiny, but there is a lot of satisfaction in servicing a broken one and having it keep time afterward.

Functionally, you get time, dual time, alarm, hourly chime, stopwatch and day/date. There’s a light that is also used for the setting functions which is quite unusual, and getting to grips with all the functions can take a while.

If I can find a source for the analog modules I’d actively hunt for more of these because they’re great watches, but until then will stick with the one I’ve got (while it’s still running)!

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