RPG Slot Machine game watch

RPG Slot Machine game watch

Collecting digital watches is a hobby full of surprises!

After nearly 20 years collecting, I figure I’ve seen just about every digital watch produced from the late 70s to mid-80s – and then one I haven’t will come along and remind me I most definitely haven’t…

Like this one – the RPG slot machine game watch – which came from Hong Kong, via Australia.

While I haven’t seen this brand, or the crystal graphics this one has, I have seen the module before. It’s the same slot machine game that’s in the Piratron game watch, and the software is very similar to the Alba Y760. I have another watch with the same module, by Mercury, that is slightly better because the case graphics explain some of the functions a bit better. Other than that, though, they’re the same.

So you get the time in 12/24 hour format, the day, date and month; a daily alarm, countdown timer and chronograph. And the game!

To play the game, you start with 1100 in currency and can bet up to 900 each time. A win is any two or more of the same digit on the line EXCEPT for zero. Spin up more than one zero and your currency resets to 400 — even if you had tens of thousands. It’s not just numbers on the slot ‘reels’ there’s also blanks, hyphens and letters too.

It’s also just a game of chance. While you control when the wheels stop, they spin way to fast for you to realistically pinpoint being able to choose the character it will stop on. That said, you do get lucky at times, and you should be able to beat the game (score 100,000+) after several tries.

Quirky and unique, this is quite a fun game and the right combination of letters/numbers, along with some risky betting, makes it a blast to play.

While it’s not easy to see in the photo, this one has a cracked screen so I’ve reproduced it in Illustrator and will print a replacement set of graphics when I find the right size replacement plastic crystal.

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