Seiko G757-5020

Seiko G757-5020

Among James Bond fans and Seiko LCD watch collectors, the G757-5020 continues to be a favourite and is highly sought after.

Because there are so many variations of the G757 model, you can find one described as a ‘Bond watch’ almost every week, although there’s only one that featured in the 1983 film Octopussy.

The G757-5020 is distinctive due to the prominent horseshoe bezel around the top of the case. This alone isn’t enough to determine its pedigree as a 5020 though. Look at the words embossed at the top of the horseshoe — if it says SPORTS 100 it’s a 5020, if it says Silverwave then it’s the similar, but different 5000 version.

The 5020 also has a stainless steel bracelet, with the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) black coating between the links. The module, while identical to many other G757 models, has an LCD with yellow highlights (other LCDs may have red, blue or black highlights).

The 5000 had a rubber strap and the words on the LCD (Time, Timer, Alarm, Dual T and StopW) were reversed out which again makes it easy to differentiate from a genuine 5020.

It didn’t make a big appearance in Octopussy, and had to share screen time with the Seiko T001-5019 TV watch), but is very collectable and is by far the most highly-priced G757 model.

Expect to pay anywhere from USD300 upwards for a 5020, even non-working, and it’s not at all unusual for people to pay USD1000+ for them.

Due to the unreliability of the module circuitboard, you could easily end up with an expensive paperweight but it doesn’t stop people from paying above the odds for this piece of James Bond history.

It’s a big watch, and feels significant on the wrist. For a wearable watch, it isn’t my favourite G757 by a long shot but it’s a great investment as long as you can keep the module working. If you want a great-looking G757 and aren’t concerned about it being a James Bond original, look for a working G757-405A instead.

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9 Responses to Seiko G757-5020

  1. I called seiko headquarters in NJ, parts are not availble,
    No Crystal, but they will evaluate the item for you, as to if it can be repaired.

  2. you can get the crystals on ebay. once you break the flimsy horse shoe bezel good luck finding one. Mine just sits in a drawer now.

  3. Buenas tarde, por favor, alguien me puede informar cual es la batería del Seiko G757-5020.


  4. I have one of these. It does not work but the horseshoe and case are in good condition.
    Is there anywhere I could buy the workings or are they like hens teeth.
    If I cant get one I will probably sell it.

  5. I would be interested in the horse shoe if you can’t get the watch repaired. If you want to sell the complete case and horse shoe that would bo ok to.
    Thank you .

  6. Hi Steve, if you still have the case and bezel I would be interested as I got a working module for it.

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