Sinitron Burger Time game watch

Sinitron Burger Time game watch

Post number 200 on this website and it’s a bit of a special one — the Sinitron Burger Time!

First time I saw this watch was about 10 years ago, with the brand name Diamant, and owned by a collector in Canada. Since then I’ve looked thoroughly (just a little short of obsessively) and midway through 2021, probably in the middle of some Covid lockdown or other, this finally appeared on eBay.

Rarity-wise, this is a 10. On a Facebook group someone said they knew of the existence of one more, but no one has ever posted a picture.

Better still, this watch (after some repair) is 100% working, whereas the other one I’m aware of has no sound, and is missing some segments (which is always difficult in a game watch).

There’s no alarm or anything else. You get the time, and the game. And that’s it.

No complaints though; While translating an arcade game to a LCD wristwatch is a massive challenge (see Pacman or Frogger as good examples) the effort is well worth it and the game does follow (loosely) the arcade machine.

You drop burgers on sausages, try and complete stacked burgers to progress, and occasionally get an invincibility pepper, accompanied by beeps and occasional melodies as you complete each screen.

There’s not much more to say about this watch – watch the gameplay video below, and keep an eye on eBay for the next 10 years to see if another one might miraculously appear…

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    • I’m going to say probably not…I’ve had some high offers and haven’t been swayed yet, but let me know what you would be prepared to pay 🙂

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