Texas Instruments Quartz Analog Chronograph (N14)

Texas Instruments Quartz Analog Chronograph (N14)

Texas Instruments was a major player in the late 1970s and into the 1980s when it came to producing great digital watches — take a look at the ad at the bottom of the page from this time period:

This watch is called, according to the manual, Texas Instruments Quartz Analog Chronograph and on the back of the manual in large print it says N14; so I’ll just call it the N14.

A nice example of a digital hands watch, this one features time and date, alarm, hourly chime, countdown timer and chronograph – plus the obligatory nightlight.

It arrived non-working and the battery compartment badly corroded from an old battery (potentially it was the original battery from 35+ years ago) so required some repair.

The inductor coil, that boosts the voltage making the alarm sound was broken so I’ll have to repair that some time – but it’s connected with wires thinner than a human hair so requires a lot of patience and a steady hand — plus I have to find the same size inductor from another watch. If it’s just a little bit bigger the module won’t reassemble properly and could lead to more problems (like not all LCD segments lighting up).

It’s really a beautiful looking watch, in gold with the original brown leather strap, and with very little wear.

Texas Instruments were really producing some high quality LCD watches but lost their way a little when they decided to make cheaper watches and sell more of them, ultimately leading to a higher market share but lower profits, so they got out of this market some time toward the mid-1980s.

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11 Responses to Texas Instruments Quartz Analog Chronograph (N14)

  1. I have one that mostly works.
    If you can fix it I will be happy to pay.
    It was a graduation gift from my father.

    • What is the problem with it? And whereabouts in the world are you located? I’m happy to take a look if you’re NZ/AUS based, but further afield – and all the trouble there is with slow/missing parcels at the moment – we’d be better off finding you a repairer that’s closer.

      • So sorry I never got your reply.
        I’m in US, so probably out of your range, but if you could recommend somewhere that would be great.

        It mostly works, but the buttons are intermittent, and the alarm is spotty.

  2. Hi, I also had one, 1983 I think! Lost on beach in Miami!
    Thought it marvellous!
    Would very much like to purchase another if you know of any for sale!

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