Trafalgar digital hands watch

Trafalgar digital hands watch

Trafalgar was a prolific watch company in the 1980s and had plenty of Hong Kong modules with their name on the front.

They were a UK company as far as I can tell (the Trafalgar name is a bit of a giveaway) and many of their vintage watches can also be seen with Nelsonic (USA) branding, or Meister Anker (Germany).

This particular digital hands watch, one of my favourites, I’ve also seen with Meister Anker styling. And a watch by Casio, the AN-9, is very similar in features.

As watches go, it hasn’t a lot of features but that is part of its charm, and the features it has have been well designed.

You get analog time in an LCD. The hour hand (short) and minute hand (long) are visible and the second hand (very short) ticks around the outside.

There’s also the option of a second display where the second hand is much longer (I guess that’s if you want it to look more like an analog watch).

And there’s an alarm and hourly chime which was a nice addition that the Casio doesn’t have.

When the alarm goes off, or to test the display, there’s a cool animation that plays – reminiscent of Casio’s other super-popular digital hands watch module, the QW103.

And that’s it. The case is solid and looks to be make of steel (or else has a thick plating) and bracelet is generic.

Very rare and often with a leaking LCD — much like the Casio equivalent — this is definitely one of my favourite watches.

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