Casio AG-110 Digiris

Casio AG-110 Digiris

The Dentaku Museum translates the gameplay of Digiris as “the game which keeps adding the part to the part of the number which is indicated beforehand” which sounds confusing until you’ve played it a few times and realised that the only way tetris could work on a calculator is to have the ‘blocks’ take out pieces of each number.

And it works surprisingly well – this game is fantastic. And so it should be, since it arrived 13 years after the first Casio game calc, the MG-880.

A number appears on the left of the screen, then a shape appears on the right. The player has the option to turn the shape, or move it up or down a level, to take out sections of the number.

Points are scored as the sections of the number disappear, but miss a section and another number appears for you to try and remove before having a second crack at your original number.

I was lucky to find this on ebay brand new in its box, with all the original documentation which is always nice.

With it came the CG-320 Super Digital Battle which is kind of like the MG-880 digital invaders game, but with loads more options – something that couldn’t have been done in standard calculator form.

It’s a pity these are becoming so rare, they have fun written all over!

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