Casio MG-200 Turbo Drive

Casio MG-200 Turbo Drive

The MG-200 is the only car racing game Casio ever put into a calculator.

Its case and design are the same as the BG-20, BB-10 and BB-101 so is definitely part of that series which dates it to 1982-1983.

There was a licenced version by Liwaco/Tokei — the LW-141 — and by Olympia — the GT-1 Turbo GT. Interestingly, though, Casio sold its own version in France (where Olympia was based) with the model number MG-200 and the name La Poursuit under the Lansay brand. Talk about confusing!

There are two unique games on this calculator — the first literally is a pursuit. You have to drive as quickly as possible but the speed limit keeps changing and you must check your speed isn’t above it or the police will appear and deduct you points/fuel.

Game two you can drive flat out, but only have a certain amount of fuel so have to make sure you have enough to complete the stage.

And in the meantime, in both games, you have to avoid the other traffic on the road too!

There are four control buttons, left-right and speed up/slow down so there’s plenty to concentrate on.

Since it was sold in such numbers in a lot of different markets, they are not difficult to find (particularly on the French eBay) and well worth getting hold of!

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