Casio MG-890

Casio MG-890

Yet another style of the popular digital invaders – this one potentially for the boardroom type, with the full-size calculator body like the MG-880, but the soft-touch keys of the MG-770.

It was the fourth iteration of the popular digital invaders game too, but strangely didn’t follow the same numbering conventions of the others – MG-660, MG-770, MG-880 – surely this should have been the MG-990?

Casio weren’t exactly renowned for sticking to conventions though (otherwise we may never have seen technological marvels like the DB-1000) so we can forgive them this. They did make an FX-990, but then again made the FX-880 as well, so who would know for sure.

Game-wise, the MG-890 was the most expensive of the genre, costing US$26.95 when released, compared to the MG-880 ($24.95), MG-660 ($19.95) and MG-770 (a snip at $12.95).

It looks pretty stylish too, comes in the usual black plastic wallet with brushed metal keys – having more in common with the melody calculators of the time (e.g. ML-90) than the game calculators.

A classy calculator and one that would look good on anyone’s desk!

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  1. Very interested to get this. How’s the condition of the calculator? Still functions well? can play the game? How much shipping to Hong Kong?

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