Alba Y760-5000 game watch

Alba Y760-5000 game watch

From Seiko’s budget brand, ALBA, comes a cool two-in-one game watch – the Y760-5000.

It is what every watch from the early 1980s should have been, Alarm-Chrono-Game (a calculator would have been a bonus but I’ll let them off with that).

So to the games. G-Point is all about getting points and you’ll either get a whole truckload of points or none at all. It’s the same slot machine game that featured in the rare Piratron watch where you first select the number of credits you wish to bet with (you’re given 11 to start with) then start the slot reels spinning and try to stop them with two or more of the same symbol on the line for points. Line up three of the same and its pretty much game over as the points are generously piled on. The hard part is getting points in the first place. It’s entirely conceivable that even only betting one credit at a time will see you use up all your stock without a single win. Fun game – tricky to get on the board, but you should be able to get maximum points within a few minutes.

The second game – G-Shot is a game of reflexes where you have to ‘shoot’ the right numbers and letters to get points, and a wrong shot means losing points or a life. You ‘gun’ is a lower-case p on the right-hand side and the symbols to shoot appear on the left-hand side. An upper-case P is your nemesis. Always shoot this, and as quickly as you can, as it will shoot you if you wait too long and you lose one of your three lives. An upper-case A appears quite randomly but gives the most points (5). Other than that, you have to keep an eye on your score. Shoot the digit that matches the one immediately above your gun and you get three points. Since this is always changing you have to keep an eye on it, as a wrong shot will lose you three points. The tricky part comes with having to recognise and shoot the P instantly while keeping an eye on your score to see what digit you should be looking for too. This one is really original and a lot of fun, but hard to get a big score on as the P appears more often and shoots quicker the higher your score gets.

I’m told that at 100 points the game slows down again but I’m not quite there yet so will have to assume that is correct.

The watch also sports an alarm and chronograph but it’s really the games that make this one popular. The Y760 comes in a few of varieties; there’s different colour variations (including the two above) and another that comes in a resin case.

On the whole, a great watch. Rare but not too rare, and you could pick one up for around USD75 on a good day.

See the game in action –

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6 Responses to Alba Y760-5000 game watch

  1. Hi what a fantastic website with many great watches!!!

    I dont suppose u have a copy of or link to the manual of this watch, just bought one and am keen to download manual to accompany watch. Any advise etc would be much apprechiated.


    • Hi, no manual sorry but it’s easy enough to work out the game if you give it 30 minutes or so and try lots of different options. Did you buy the Pulsar version on eBay? Good score!

    • Join the club! I’ve been looking for a while as well – they are pretty hard to find, don’t think they made many watches with this button style.

  2. Yes true, the buttons are fragile and tend to break when pushed in or out of the watch when swapping, I have one perfect complete watch and one which is perfect but no buttons, I made the right hand firing hole in the watch a bit bigger so changing and using the button was less risky , these watches are rated nine out of ten for rarity by the game watch guys,and are superbly addictive, my fav watch of all time, p.s. I love the way the slot game takes all your hard earned points off u when u get two zeros and leaves u with just five, marvelous games and watch, il keep looking for these watches as they are getting rarer by the day, probably due to the fragile button situation,cheers, neil ,tel and text XXXXXXXXXXX

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