Alba Y765-5110 Mamagon

Alba Y765-5110 Mamagon

Mamagon means Dragon Lady (apparently) or this may have just been a more western-sounding name someone gave the game, based on the image of the stern-looking protagonist.

This watch is another of the Alba Y765 game watches, which also include the space game and American Football.

It’s a dual-layered LCD (two LCDs sandwiched together) so in some lights the time display can get a shadow behind it, since it’s the top of the two LCDs.

The watch features time, date, daily alarm, hourly chime, stopwatch AND the Mamagon game.

The game (much like the other Y765 watches) involves the player having to get from one side of the screen to the other, accumulating points which will open the exit at the left side of the screen.

In this version, the ‘Dragon Lady’ who is likely the player’s mother drops various study-like icons from the top of the screen to the bottom. When they are flashing, the player can touch them which gives him a point, and catching three opens the exit on the left. The player also dons a baseball cap and collects his bat as he gets closer to the left.

Touching an icon when it’s not flashing loses a life and there are three lives per game.

At some point the player *may* get one or more lives restored – possibly at 200 points. I’ve only scored 183 on this so can’t confirm either way.

There is a mix of English and Japanese text in the graphics. Thanks to some clever people on Facebook, it seems the text by the Dragon Lady says “Please Study” and the player says “OK!”.

On the far right, the graphics say “Yada ne!” which translates to Nope! and on the left Yatte ne! which means “I did it!”

This watch is uncommon but not hella rare, although people selling them tend to be asking a lot of $$$ so I doubt many actually get sold. It’s quite a fun game (despite the boring explanation above) but not USD400 good if you know what I mean!

Definitely worth adding to your collection if you can find one for a good price though, or if the theme isn’t your thing, you could always look for the Space game or American Football versions instead.

UPDATE: This website might add more clarity to the origins of the name —

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