Alba Y829 Voice & Game

Alba Y829 Voice & Game

Alba’s Y829 watch is a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) game watch with limited or no international release. I say that with some confidence having never seen one with English text on the face, nor one with a different speaking voice other than Japanese.

And with that, and having no instructions available anywhere for it; it’s a difficult game to understand – let alone to master!

The video below is about the best walkthrough of the game.

By the looks of things it’s a password/PIN guessing game and you only have a certain amount of time before a bomb will appear and blow up.


UPDATE: A nice person on Reddit (thanks /u/raytoro54) translated the graphics and the audio for me – so now the game makes more sense.

Check number(top left)
Escape (bottom left)
Select digit (top right)
Change number (bottom right)

Pressing “Check” button to guess if the number you selected is same number as a secret number.

If the number is smaller than the secret number, it says “Motto O ki i” means (the secret number is) bigger.

Bigger than the secret number, it says “Motto chi i sai” means smaller.

If you see a bomb 💣, press “escape” to literally run away from it.

This watch is rare – even in Japan – and doesn’t appear for sale often. My watch I bought on eBay, with two other NOS (or close to it) watches – a Casio CA-90 and Nelsonic Q*Bert.

While this one looked flawless on the outside, on the inside the plastic module was broken and the remaining bits weren’t strong enough to hold everything together so the watch would run.

Fortunately I had a spare Alba Voice Watch with an identical module case but non-working circuitboard. So swapping the best bits over, and boom – this Y829 is in immaculate condition inside and out.

Now to get that game sorted!

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