Cardinal Sun/Moon animated watch

Cardinal Sun/Moon animated watch

I don’t think I’ve seen another watch like this – certainly nothing shows up in Google Images when you search for a sun/moon watch – and it’s a really unique design.

Firstly the animated LCD – pretty cool huh? The sun moves its eyes for each second, and the points also animate.

Even better, though, is that the LCD changes depending on what time of the day it is.

From 6am until 6pm you see the the animated sun – very nice – then at 6pm the sun changes into a moon for night time.

How does it do it? Well, once you see the moon picture below it’s kind of simple (and clever)!

The sun LCD is two images, and it’s quick a big black blob when it’s energised which is quite unusual for any LCD watch, and one side of it turns off at 6pm, leaving just the other side visible.

sunmoon2This is definitely a kids (or ladies) watch as it’s pretty small, and the bracelet I’ve got on it doesn’t do it justice at all – I will have to hunt out something better.

So it doesn’t actually do much – you get date/month and seconds with consecutive presses of the function button, and it has a light, but that’s it.

This is the kind of novelty that doesn’t need any extra functionality though; what it does it does well, and is always admired by people who see it (who probably wonder why a bloke would be wearing a kids watch).

Keep an eye out for one – they are impossible to spot if the module isn’t working/no battery, since they just look like any other LCD display. I would imagine the module was used by other manufacturers too, but as I said, I’ve never seen another one.

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  1. Hi! I have been looking for (almost) this exact same watch!! It’s not quite the same, the watch I’m looking for is black or blue and mostly plastic. It was made in the 80s by Armitron, for kids. And that too is very difficult to find. I was wondering if you’re looking to sell this watch…? And if so what is your asking price?

    • Hi there, I’ve never seen the Armitron version but would like a pic if anyone has one. The Cardinal is the only one of these I’ve seen but it’s very likely they were manufactured, or badged, by better known watch brands (like the Nelsonic Space Attacker and all the variants of that one). I’d be happy to sell this, let me know what you’re offering. The only caveat is it’s not 100% perfect. Sometimes the sun and moon get a bit confused as to what should be displayed when, and AM/PM can both be visible. Doesn’t worry me, but thought I should let you know so you know what you’re getting.

  2. I was wondering if you are selling a watch like that or you know someone else that have a watch like that for sale

      • would really be interested in buying this watch from you, how much do you want for it? my uncle lost a similar one when he was younger. would love to get this for him as a gift. please let me know.

        • Hi, I’d be happy to sell it, but would rather it was working properly. So I’ll have a crack at fixing the issues it has and, if successful, will offer it for sale.

          If you (or anyone) is interested in buying it as-is, please send your offer. Faults are described above.

  3. My brother & I had these in the early 80’s as our first watch. Same face but thought they where Casio & had a black case & plastic strap. Maybe I’ll dig them out from the loft somewhere, don’t expect they’ll still work though.

  4. HI
    I am very interested in buying this watch how much and would you want to sell it me. let me know thank you

    • Sorry, this was sold some time ago. In fact, given the interest in it I could have sold it several times over. If I find another, I’ll post pics here and let you know.

  5. There’s a few things I’ve tried to find on Ebay for many years with no luck… my first watch was an Armitron LED watch that had a little smiling sun and the rays danced around it… and at 6PM half of it vanished to become a moon, and then back again at 6AM… it was awesome, but they were not made to last. I got mine as a present from my mom when I went to jr high so this was like 1983

  6. I got this very watch for my 13th birthday in 1980!
    Very cool to find it. Used “sun and moon on the display” as the key words and bingo, here jt is!!

    • I had this watch when I was 10! I would stare at it all day. I loved it so much that I received it on 2 birthdays! Mine was red!

  7. I have just found one of these watches at the back of one of my junk draws that I had in the early 80s. It is handok in a black plastic case with no strap. I am not sure what the battery size is as it does not say. I have one that is a close fit and it still works though.

  8. Hi I’m big Joe iv Ben looking for the lcd sun/moon watch for a long time if any one has one can I buy it from you
    Thanks big Joe.

    • I’ve got one but I could never sell it. It was my first watch back in the late 70’s. Still works in like new condition.

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