Casio GF-2 Scramble Fighter

Casio GF-2 Scramble Fighter

It’s a rare thing to get lucky on eBay these days.

Usually any ‘untested’ watch will not only have been tested, but will be irreparably damaged, missing pieces, or be entirely different from its description.

Fortunately this one was buried in a joblot of watches from India, where there was no expectation any of the watches in the bundle would be running, and were good only for parts. There were several others that maybe should have been able to be revived but couldn’t be, but this one amazingly came back to life with some cleaning and a new battery.

Working Casio game watches usually cost hundreds, but the whole joblot was, from memory, about USD30 all-up.

Much like other Casio games, the developers have made the most of a small screen and limited memory to create a challenging and fun game.

In Scramble Fighter you are trying to shoot down spaceships by getting them in your sights and blasting away, while avoiding the missiles they fire at you.

And like other Casio games it starts easy and ramps up the difficulty quickly. You move your sights left or right and shoot by pressing both buttons at once. The sounds, although basic, really add to the gameplay so fixing the sound should be top of the list if it’s not working.

The watch has an alarm and hourly time signal, and that’s about it! All it needs really, it’s a great watch.

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