Casio H104G Melody Alarm watch

Casio H104G Melody Alarm watch

Casio has made a *lot* of watches with melodies over the years.

Some with other functions, like calculators, digital hands watches, ladies watches, game watches etc. But there have only been a few where the melody took centre stage, and this is one of them.

This particular watch is the H104G — but the module in it [QW82] can be found in plenty of their cases with different model numbers.

Getting the other functions out of the way first — 12/24-hour time, day-date-month calendar, 10-100 chronograph, countdown timer and a backlight.

And on to the melodies. There’s a unique melody alarm for each day of the week; you’ll recognise them all, even if not by name.

Then there’s a date memory alarm. Set this mode for a particular date and you have the wedding march or Trinklied (drinking song from La Traviata) play at the top of the hour if the hourly chime is set.

Next is a preset melody for Happy Birthday that you can set for the date of that special occasion. And likewise for Christmas Day you get the Jingle Bells preset melody to play as the hourly chime.

If that wasn’t enough, in standard-mode, the hourly chime includes the Big Ben chime at midday when it’s set.

That’s a whole lot of melodies in one watch — and when you cycle through the modes you get a do-ray-mi type scale on the way up, two notes at a time. Then stopwatch back to normal time mode you hear the whole scale down with a final beep.

It’s awesome, and deserves a place in any collection. You can get it in gold, silver, plastic and a variety of either style. Prices have skyrocketed in recent years so they aren’t cheap but once you’ve heard the melodies and seen how it functions you’ll have to have one!

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3 Responses to Casio H104G Melody Alarm watch

  1. Hello, my friend! Me again.

    I recently found and bought a rare version of this watch. Fully stainless steel with a white scheme crystal. It cost me (in my currency) no more than 350 ZAR. A real bargain, if you ask me.

    The melodies are very charming and I have been playing with it for hours. Back to childhood memories of fun watches, oversized toys, a computer that plugged into my television set, and bedtime at 8pm.

    Have fun with your watch!

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