Citizen Digi-Ana 41-9516 (8910)

Citizen Digi-Ana 41-9516 (8910)

While Citizen’s vintage digital watches don’t seem to be as popular as those made by Seiko and Casio, they turned out some great timepieces particularly their combination Digital-Analog models.

The ana-digi-temp watches produced by Citizen were very popular with a wide range of design and layout combinations and these still fetch good prices. Citizen produced so many, and right up until the early 2000s, they are still available in good numbers today.

Without the temperature function, but equally popular, are the Citizen Digi-Ana range, like this 41-9516 with the 8910 module.

The early models lacked an alarm and chime function, but the combination of digital display with 12/24 hour time, date and stopwatch along with a small illuminated analog display made for a fully-featured and attractive timepiece.

Plenty of these appear on eBay as non-working (as did this one). While I had high hopes for being able to repair it, the battery (which had naturally corroded over years of being left unchanged) sits on top of a nest of traces and the corrosion had eaten through these, as well as turning the substrate plastic into a gluey mess on top of it.

On the plus side, the analog portion of the watch was still working and the case and bracelet was in reasonable condition so it had to be fixed and I was lucky to find a fellow collector who generously parted with a working circuitboard. NB – while there were different layouts for these watches, the circuitboards are identical so can be easily interchanged.

Once the new circuitboard was installed the watch was fully functional and then some cosmetics were undertaken.

The case and bracelet were brushed and polished, the crystal had some small scratches removed, and the analog hands were relumed.

Easily one of the nicest analog-digital watches from the 1980s and in near-mint condition. This one is definitely a keeper!

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10 Responses to Citizen Digi-Ana 41-9516 (8910)

    • They use the same battery, but sometimes the analog portion gets gummed up with old oil, or the coil stops working. You should be able to swap it out with a working one if you are unable to fix it though.

  1. Great watch
    My dad bought one in Lebanon in 1980 (I think) had it years but unfortunately lost it. But thanks to eBay I was able to replace it years later and picked up one for myself which I wear daily.

  2. Great post! My father just found his old 41-9567 but the battery is missing. Do you remember which kind of battery worked with this? I’m looking to pick up a replacement battery now

  3. Hi,
    I have the same watch and would like to change the battery to check if still works however don’t know howto take the battery out from frame. The latch on the back can be opened with a coin but what next? Could you please advice, thank you.

  4. It’s a lovely watch, these Citizens don’t get enough attention. I’m interested to know – how did you relume the hands, applying your own paint?

  5. I have a 9516 which is dead and would like to see if I can fix it. How do you get the casing cover off, does it unscrew and which way because I have tried anticlockwise with the correct tool and the cover just wont budge.

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