Orient Space Wars game watch

Orient Space Wars game watch

This is the third of the fabulous Orient game watches that use the same circuitboard but quite different LCD to create unique games. The other two are Pierrot (Clown) and Soccer. There is also a Space Wars 2 and one called Tank or Combat which I’m still looking for.

Space Wars appeared on eBay in mid-2023 with a broken button and a price tag I couldn’t resist. I have a few non-working watches from this series so knew I’d have a spare button somewhere. However the case was white/silver, and should have had a white strap which I’d probably never find, so swapped the crystal graphic plate to a black one I had (which was a true Space Wars option) and voila!

Sports and novelty game watches are always popular – but the space ones seem to be the most sought-after, and there are more space-themed game watches than any other.

The biggest problem with these Orient games is trying to find a working circuitboard. I’ve found a few of these that looked brand new but had had their original battery left inside, and while there was no visible damage, they refused to run. So a working one is a great find.

Like the other Orients in this series, the aim is to ‘catch’ all the spaceships being launched by the ‘mothership’ at the top. Starts easy and gets very challenging very quickly. The speed is relentless and it’s often a line call to choose which of the ships will reach you first.

While the game itself is quite basic, it is very well programmed to provide a super-challenging game you immediately want to play again once you lose.

There’s no stopwatch, but it does have the date, an hourly chime, and melody alarm. You can also see the time in 12 or 24 hour format.

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