Space Wars Game Watch

Space Wars Game Watch

Most infuriating game watch ever!

Even without a manual, you can usually work out how to play any game in a watch — they’re not exactly designed to be difficult to work out. Except for this one —an unbranded game watch called Space Wars.

The case is generic, and would have been available for resellers to add their brand to — one such reseller was Conso, who also sold the popular Space Shuttle game watch, another was Zeon.

Even with the manual, the game never seemed to play properly (and reports from others who owned this watch seem to back this up) so possibly it was faulty from the beginning, or produced in such low numbers that everyone with this complaint has been using an identical watch.

Which is a great shame since the game looks like a good derivative of Space Invaders, complete with bases.

There’s an alarm function too, but much more than that I can’t remember since I moved this watch on quite quickly when I couldn’t get to grips with the game. Perhaps one day I’ll find a working one and will have that lightbulb moment when I realise how the game is meant to be played…

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17 Responses to Space Wars Game Watch

  1. The game play is to press the button in the opposite corner to the direction of the invaders not very logical

  2. Hi, its a good game really, you have to keep eliminating the alien ships before they destroy your four bases, high scores are made by stopping the aliens from reaching the bottom too often, quite a rare item now, and very collectible, neil

  3. Ever since I’ve fitted the correct size battery it works perfect, I’m reaching astronomical high scores now with ease, I’m so addicted to this watch now, it really does have true wonderful gameplay, the aliens are constantly trying to bomb your base, the scores rise rapidly and alien captures are eliminated at each five hundred points, so giving u the chance of reaching very high scores, I’m into the thousands score now, reaching higher scores by the day, need to try and purchase a back up watch with all this gameplay lol, love , love, love it ???, neil

  4. Hello from Germany. I have found one of these with original OVP and German Instruction Card on the basement of my parents. If you need photos for help, to understand yours, i will send it per pictures. Please let me know

    Best regards chris

  5. I see that can send picture under contact. Today @ the evening i send you a lot of pictures okay. Best regards Chris

  6. I have one of these in storage (the one by ZEON). One major problem I can see with this type of item is the plastic, which is fairly soft akin to a budget laptop… it will ultimately soften and break easily. Same for the strap and plastic buttons. Be extremely careful unscewing the back to check/change battery as hard pressure could snap those narrow corners.

    But other than that I really like the niche nature of it, and the big display which turns heads even today. The blue and red really stand out. The ZEON box is also rather nice, it gives it an upmarket feel. I don’t have the instructions but no big deal.

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