Timex digital hands Illusion watch

Timex digital hands Illusion watch

One of Timex’s best, and rarest, digital hands ‘Illusion’ watches is this one — fresh from the 1980s!

There are no model numbers on this one, and there are very few around — Timex’s other Illusion watches often have another name like Command Bar or Z Cell — but this one has no such title.

For its rarity, it’s a great watch too — features include time in 12/24 hoursI – digital and analog, day/date/month, hourly chime, daily alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch (plus light).

While there are a lot of digital hands watches from this era, some can be found on this website, the Timex models are particularly nice and compliment their cases and bracelets well.

I had been looking for one of these for ages — having only seen two on eBay in the past three years — and found this one in a bundle with two other watches on watchuseek.com for €50 plus shipping. The seller said they were non-working and that he hadn’t got batteries for them to test.

However someone had worked on them in the past and I needed to undo some of this previous work to go about fixing them.

With this one, it just refused to work at all. There had been corrosion on the circuitboard at some time and several components had solder that had been attacked by battery acid.

In the end I replaced just about every serviceable component – trim capacitor, SMD capacitor, transistor, crystal etc etc and it was probably a combination of more than one bad component preventing it from working.

It took a lot longer than usual to repair this one because there was nothing obvious stopping it from working but it just wouldn’t start. Eventually, though, after reassembling yet again, I was rewarded with the display lit up and digital hands ticking.

It all works (yay!) but the alarm is very quiet at the moment so still a little work to be done. In the meantime, though, I’m really enjoying this one!

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13 Responses to Timex digital hands Illusion watch

  1. Hi there, I was happy to find your page, first place I could recognize my model ! I have issues on my watch though. The LCD display seems faded. And the upper left button makes the watch crash. Would you have any idea to troubleshoot it ? thanks !

    • With liquid’s help, I now have the correct replacement battery in the watch however it’s still not working. Naturally, I also misplaced the tiny screw that holds the battery retainer clip down but I dont think thats whats keeping it from going. Does anyone know if there is a reset procedure required after battery replacement? If so, can anyone instruct me how to do it? If that still doesnt get it working I imagine there is an internal failure of some kind. I would really love to get this thing working again. Im not sure the cost of professional repair would be justified but Im willing to try. So, last question, can anyone recommend how to go about finding a qualified repairer for this kind of watch? Thanks in advance for any advice you all can provide.

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