Tokyo Flash Jackpot

Tokyo Flash Jackpot

TokyoFlash is renowned for making unique one-off watches in very limited numbers that are available for a short time, then never again.

It’s good on one hand, since you can be assured of buying a quite individual watch that few others will have. The downside is if you no longer have a particular watch and want to buy another and your only possibility is finding one on eBay.

The Jackpot slot machine watch was released around 2008 and has a fun game built it.

To play the slot game, you set your betting (1-5), then press the left button to play. This causes the digits to scroll and an accompaniment of beeping noises. If you hold down the button, the digits keep scrolling until you release it. Like any slots game, the object is to get matching symbols to win. Symbols used with the Jackpot watch include numbers, letters and symbols. After each ‘spin’, your accumulated winnings will be displayed.

From memory it’s the only game watch to come from TokyoFlash — and it was a good one — although they’ve also had some interesting designs submitted to their design blog. Hopefully another will follow eventually — space invaders would be awesome hint, hint.

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