Casio BG-8

Casio BG-8

The BG-8 is the smallest of Casio’s three (maybe four) boxing calculators and joins the family of the BG-15, BG-20 and BG-15T (the maybe).

While there are other game calculators with similar dimensions, this is the only one with the three top buttons. They do make an appearance on a few melody and non-game calculators, but this is the only game — fascinating fact!

Gameplay is identical to the more common BG-15 where the starting difficulty can be set by pressing a number key before launching the game. By default, though, you start on level 0 which should be enough to get you interested enough to keep playing.

Using a combination of punches (two positions) and dodges (sway) you have to pummel your opponent to oblivion and progress can be seen as your and your opponent’s strength counts down at the top. Put in a few good hits and you knock your opponent out briefly, and do this continuously to get a TKO and win the round.

The calculator also offers time (with or without animation) and beeping alarm, but of which take a bit of head scratching to work out how to set if you don’t have the manual.

Harder to find than the other versions of the boxing calculator, the BG-8 wins points for its small size and unique top buttons.

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