Bradley Star Wars musical watch

Bradley Star Wars musical watch

So many things about Star Wars are iconic, but among the best parts of the saga/series is the theme.

And when this watch was released in 1982 it was sure to be a good seller since it included a long version of the theme as it’s musical alarm. It lasts about a minute which is enough time to annoy anyone sitting nearby since it’s loud AND piercing!

Added to this is an animated display ā€” C3P0’s eyes flash each second, and a Tie Fighter moves back and forth across the screen in six positions too.

There’s an odd option when setting the time that I haven’t worked out yet. After setting date and time, the user then has to set the last option to 0, 1, 2 or 3 – but since this doesn’t affect the time or date I don’t know what it’s for. There’s a very similar module in a Dick Tracy themed watch that plays three melodies, which is what the 0, 1, 2, 3 might relate to but with the Star Wars, it doesn’t make a difference. You get one theme, nice and long, and very loud. See the Dick Tracy watch for an explanation.

If you can’t wait for the alarm time to roll around, you can trigger the theme at any time just by pressing the mode button ā€” something I sure that delighted parents when they heard it over and over again on Christmas Day 1982. An alarm like this will soon sap the batteries if played too often though so many of these went flat prematurely and were left with their batteries in to degas and corrode.

So you won’t see many working versions anymore. These are rare to find in any condition, and rarer still in working condition.

There are more of the Dick Tracy versions around, and it’s not unusual to find this watch with the Dick Tracy module in it, still trying to be sold as a Star Wars watch. If you find one for sale, just make sure it plays the Star Wars theme, and that the LCD graphics are a Tie Fighter, not a rocket ship.

Now, who wants to hear that theme again?

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  1. I just dug up this watch that I had as a child. I managed to replace the battery and there is now at least something happening on the display.

    However, all three buttons are missing. Does anyone know where I can get buttons that would fit and/or a non-working watch that I can cannibalize for the buttons?

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