Microma Swiss

Microma Swiss

Those of a geeky persuasion will know that the Intel Corporation (who make all those gigahertz things that make your computer run faster) also used to be in the watchmaking business.

In 1972, Intel acquired the digital watchmaker Microma. Digital watches were, at that time, regarded as high-tech marvels, selling for about $200. When competition drove prices closer to $19.95, Intel realised it could apply its technology elsewhere so said goodbye to digital watches in 1977.

This example was probably made after Intel onsold the company but is a superb example of where technology was heading in the early 1980s, feature-packed with dual-time, alarm, stopwatch, and analog-digital LCD display, this design has been seen in watches by Oris and Olympic as well, but this is the nicest I’ve seen.

While Casio’s AA and AX watches, and Seiko’s G757 did analog LCD better, this forerunner rates higher for me for its innovation. A great watch — I’ve never seen another for sale and this, when I found it, was New Old Stock…bonus!

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