Casio Christmas Collection 1980

Casio Christmas Collection 1980

This was a great find – although I found it on a local auction website, rather than in the wild.

Catalogues are generally printed on lower-quality stock, and are repurposed, burned or binned shortly after being flicked through.

So that’s what makes this catalogue amazing – from 1980, the Casio Christmas Collection, preserved in pretty good condition considering it has been sitting around for more than four decades!

Better still, this has the original prices for these products in New Zealand, in 1980. Running those numbers through an inflation calculator means these were not cheap products (import restrictions, tariffs etc meant electronics were a luxury item here in the early 80s).

So enjoy this nostalgic trip back to another time…

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  1. This catalogue is amazing. What a fantastic find. Very first ad I’ve seen for the Spacies calculator!

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