Mercury Sea Ranger game watch

Mercury Sea Ranger game watch

This watch was a long time coming – literally!

First, it’s taken me ages to find one — several years — at a half-reasonable price. Thanks to Leo for alerting me to this one (on a non-eBay auction site) and bidding/forwarding for me — thanks mate, you rock!! And second, for some reason instead of going USA > NZ, it took a lengthy detour, somehow ending up in Israel where it languished at the airport for some weeks, before miraculously appearing at NZ Customs, and shortly afterwards in my letterbox!

This is Sea Ranger – branded by Mercury, but there are also examples by Gamma, Aldo, Nelsonic (I think) and others. I have an Aldo Planes and Tanks, and the game is pretty much the same. You have to get from one side to the other while avoiding objects from above. In Sea Ranger there are also sharks from below to avoid too.

There are two games (Pro 1 and Pro 2) with the second a faster and more challenging version of the first. You have four lives, rather than three, which is a bit of a thing in some Hong Kong game watches, but not with Japanese game watches, who seem to stick to the three life system, like their arcade games.

It has a daily alarm (beep beep, no melody) and an hourly time signal.

Never easy to find, Sea Ranger is a very playable game and like Planes and Tanks, can be found (much more easily) as a handheld game, rather than a watch.

Definitely a fun watch and this example, even 40+ years later, still holds up well in terms of construction and playability.

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7 Responses to Mercury Sea Ranger game watch

  1. Good day,

    I have one from my childhood. Yes, it is 40+ years old… 🙂
    It has no scratches, in perfect conditon, everything is working fine. You can play with it if you want.
    Made by Aldo.

    What is your opinion, does it expensive?
    I think it is a rarity nowadays.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    • Hello, I’am Michael Lammers from Germany.
      I saw your comment and really would be glad If you would sell your clock to me..!!
      is my mailadress..
      would be glad to hear you..

      Michael Lammers

  2. Hello from Germany !!! !!!! !!! 🙂 My name is Hansjörg and I have a short question: Sea Ranger Game Watch has alarm function and also an acoustic signal every full hour. I know, it is possible to switch off the alarm and also the acoustic signal every full hour. Is it also possible to switch off the game-play-sound ??? ??? ??? The “sound” is only beeping and clicking 🙂 Please help me !!! !!! !!! Thank you very much !!! !!! !!! 🙂 Greetings from Germany 🙂 Hansjörg 🙂

    • Unfortunately I don’t think you can. I’ve tried plenty of settings both in-game and out of game, but nothing seems to turn the sound off. You could always disconnect the speaker but that’s a but drastic!

  3. Hello hello hello from Germany 🙂 Thank you so much for your help and your advice !!! !!! !!! 🙂 A seller offered a Sea Ranger game watch on Ebay. But the game-play-sound was not working. I didn´t bought this watch. The watch was not cheap and the sound is not working. In Germany I know a watch maker. He also repairing digital watches. But he told me, maybe it is possible to repair the sound, maybe not. I thought, better to wait for another one 🙂 I sent another message also to you today 🙂 Under GCE Game Time Watch 🙂 Please check 🙂 Greetings from Germany, Hansjörg 🙂

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