Remex Roulette watch

Remex Roulette watch

The Remex Roulette watch was one of three Remex game watches that appeared near the beginning of the 1980s.

The other two were Matrix and Polaris Attack (I have a Polaris Attack but it has been destroyed by battery leakage and won’t run again – but I’ll keep looking). For a while the Matrix and Roulette watches appeared on eBay regularly (around the mid-2000s) but since then, hardly ever.

I was stoked to win a NOS Roulette watch back in 2020 but it was also the victim of leaky batteries and stayed dead. Until today; I found one on eBay which I didn’t hold out much hope for – check out the munged screws on the caseback – but it was cheap, I hadn’t seen another in years, and there was nothing to lose.

Waited an age for it to arrive, got the caseback off, battery in – and … it worked!!

It’s a rare thing to have good luck with an ‘untested, found in storage unit’ watch these days, but today was one of those days.

Transplanted the working module into the NOS case and it is spectacular!

The original watch had come with its original box, manual, additional manual on playing electronic roulette, warranty, and a roulette mat. It was missing the plastic chips that were part of the package but these cost about $1 to replace so not a major problem.

The watch gives you the time (12-hour with PM indicator after midday) – bonus being the colon between the hours and minutes – look closely, it’s a diamonds and clubs symbol!

There’s also a date function and seconds if you want them.

There’s a countdown timer that lets you set a countdown from 10 minutes to two hours (in 10 minute increments), a daily alarm, and the roulette game.

The game is just as you would expect – press a button and the numbers start spinning, heart and spade alternate, and dots fly around the outside hitting the numbers on the crystal graphics. Press the button again and it slows before stopping on a number. It’s not quite the full casino experience, but it’s a pretty good effort and suitably enjoyable if you read the instructions and bet accordingly.

Overall a lovely watch and I’m overjoyed it’s finally running after all this time!

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  1. I bought one of these when i was in 4th or 5th grade (’84 or ’85). Damn do i miss it. Dont really know what happened to it, but recess sure was fun, lol!

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