Sharp Wondertopia WN-103

Sharp Wondertopia WN-103

It would be interesting to see who came up with the idea of the ‘complete the number’ game first — Sharp or Casio.

While Casio called their game Digiris and required the player to complete a number by sending a shaped block from right to left, Sharp’s version had a different spin.

The player can send a segment from one of five positions, and the number can be either missing a segment, or have one too many.

Additional to this, different numbers can be completed if sending a segment from more than one position would complete a number for a particular round.

Sounds more confusing than it is; it doesn’t take long to pick it up and was a good follow-up to the ‘number invaders’ of the WN-102.

This calculator was the first of the series to come with sound, possibly because an alarm clock was an additional feature, so they packed a lot into the WN-103.

Fun calculator, very rare, and another example that Casio weren’t the only innovators in this space in the 1980s.

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