Omni digital hands watch

Omni digital hands watch

Omni made lots of great watches in the 1980s, and this is one of their rarer models, a great-looking digital hands watch.

Timex has one with an identical module but while there are other similar watches, these are the only two in this configuration I’ve seen.

I’m a  great fan of digital hands LCDs; they pack so much into their modules and on top of that have to run an effective analog clone as well. If you know how a twisted nematic LCD is configured where every segment has to have a path to the circuitboard so it can be lit when required, you’ll appreciate the extra amount of complexity that goes into these ones.

The trouble with having an LCD with so many extra segments is that it has to be perfect (not dirty, good contact with the circuitboard, enough power etc) in order to run properly. The worst thing about a digital hands watch is when one or more segments don’t light up.

It’s unfortunately all too common that a ‘working’ watch will have segments missing and they are often harder to fix on a digital hands watch than a ‘normal’ LCD watch.

Which was the case with this one. There’s a bank of segments that doesn’t light up because the LCD had a crack which is unfortunately non-repairable. Hence this watch doesn’t get worn often as for a chunk of the day only the hours or minutes hand is visible.

When all the segments are going though, it’s a great looking example of this style of watch which makes it an extra shame it’s not 100%.

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